Weather used to provide a lot of useful information on Seoul, including information about Korean weather in general. Many visitors of this website found the information to be priceless, as it is always useful to know the details of a country’s weather and climate before planning a vacation there.Indeed, South Korea is affected by the East Asian monsoon and it tends to have a humid continental climate as well as a humid subtropical one. There is a short rainy season and precipitations are very abundant during summer. The rains begin at the end of June and last till the end of July. Also, winters can be really cold in South Korea and in Seoul as well. Sometimes the minimum temperature even drops below minus 20 Celsius degrees. In Seoul, however, the average winter temperature is around -7 Celsius degrees and the maximum one could get to +1Celsius degree in winter. That would be between 19 F and 33 F degrees. Tourists may be interested to find out that winter temperature are a lot higher along the southern coast while they tend to be very low in the mountains and in the center of the country.

During summer, however, the average temperature in Seoul is between 22 and 30 Celsius degrees, which means between 71 and 86 Fahrenheit. Summer is generally considered to be very humid and quite uncomfortable for tourism. In most parts of the country the temperature is around 30 Celsius degrees during summer. Another important aspect is that South Korea has four main seasons: spring, summer, autumn and winter. Spring lasts from late March to the beginning of May; summer follows and lasts till the beginning of September. Autumn begins in the middle of September and lasts up until the beginning of November. Late November marks the beginning of winter, which lasts until the middle of March.

Another aspect of utmost importance is that the southern coast is often affected by typhoons in summertime. These typhoons involve heavy winds and extremely heavy rains. Floods often occur because of these typhoons.

From a touristic point of view, the most comfortable and the most beautiful season is said to be spring: this is when most tourists come to Korea, so it is highly advisable to make prior reservations. The summer is also pretty crowded, but this is when the monsoon begins and the weather is hot and very, very damp. People who are not scared of medium-low temperatures often choose to visit this country during winter too. There are many wonderful resorts and, except for the mountain regions, the weather is not extremely cold.

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