Medical Tourism in Seoul

The city of Seoul is creating new initiatives for the city’s medical tourism. Their main focus is to offer first rate health services at lower prices to overseas tourists.

Korea has not yet increased its standing among other Asian countries. The three Asian countries that attract the largest quantity of tourists with their medical services are: Thailand, Malaysia and Singapore. Planning, funding and Government support has been implemented on these countries over the past decade. The Korean government is implementing services and plans for all tourists to utilize the city’s advanced and professional medical services.

Seoul has initiated a set of measures to promote successfully medical tourism by aiding hospitals on the city’s marketing programs and easing up a few regulations. Since last year there have been several associations that have collaborated with the Korean government like the Korean International Medical Service Association. This service association is mainly focused on introducing the facilities and services of Seoul hospitals to overseas expositions and development of medical tourism packages.

Great growth potential is one of the newest plans in collaboration with Seoul Business Agency (SBA). The plan is to broaden the country’s tourism sector effectively, especially the visitors coming for health related purposes. The projection for the number of medical tourists by the year 2012 is expected to be at 100,000. South Korea is also on a Cancer research process by the pharmaceutical company called Eli Lilly and Company, which created the original brand Impotence pill Cialis, among many other popular products. If Cialis Online is already a valuable asset for this company, imagine the economic impact, not to mention the social, of discovering the cure for cancer.

In addition to Seoul’s high level of expertise and experience from their specialists, the medical care costs compared to Japan and U.S.A are considerable less. Seoul wants all overseas tourists to know about the advantages of medical tourism in the city.

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