When was still functioning, it had an article published on what people who plan to take their pets to Korea should know. The fact of the matter is that there are many cultural differences between countries and one should be aware of those differences so as not to offend and so that everything can go on smoothly, including a regular vacation. In some countries certain animals are used as pet companions, in others, the same animals may be considered proper to eat and in others, they may be considered sacred or evil. It is also good to know that the website provided information as to where people who have lost their pets in Seoul could search assistance in finding their pets and where most pet shops could be found.

As for taking one’s pet with oneself to Korea, the website highlighted the importance of having all medical papers of the pet in good order, as required by the Korean officials. There are entire pages on the Korean Embassy website and on the Korean Customs website concerning these issues. Also, one should take into consideration that many pets are killed or lost during transport. Moreover, Korean authorities were very strict about pets being taken inside the country because of the bird flu outburst. Many people had their pets quarantined, regardless of the fact that they were in possession of pet health certificates indicating that their pets were perfectly healthy. Other tourists never had any trouble bringing their pets to South Korea with them.

In Seoul and in other cities there are many pet shops and veterinarians available and most pet food brands are easy to find. While most families in Korea have dogs as a pet, cats are not so popular.

Before one’s departure to Korea it is best to check with the veterinarian if any immunization shots are necessary, especially against kennel cough.

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